Defense of Dental Cases with Knowledge and Expertise in Dentistry and Decades of Experience

Gordon & Silber has a particular sub-specialty in the defense of dental malpractice claims, including cases dealing with crowns, bridgework, extractions, periodontal treatment, root canal therapy, orthodontia, TMJ dysfunction, paresthesia, fractures, cosmetic dentistry, implants, informed consent issues, and referrals to specialists. Gordon & Silber's dental team has successfully defended innumerable dentists and New York's largest dental clinic. Defense verdicts and favorable resolutions have been obtained on wide-ranging issues, including ill-fitting crowns and bridgework, overfilled/ underfilled root canals, broken endodontic files/ foreign objects, inferior alveolar nerve transection/ paresthesia, onlays and inlays, incomplete extractions, loss of all remaining teeth, failed implants, improperly placed/ angled implants, sinus invasion, failure to do/ improper bone grafting, failure to perform/ improper sinus lift, "unlicensed treatment" claims, malocclusion, TMD, etc.

  • Regularly defends dentists insured by Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company, Medical Malpractice Insurance Pool and Dentists' Advantage.
  • Partner Steven Mutz is exclusively dedicated to defending dental professionals.
  • Unsurpassed trial record defending dental professionals.
  • Obtained summary judgment in case alleging dentist caused patient to have meningitis by orally introducing Listeria, via a trio of experts in infectious disease, rheumatology, and dentistry, that this is instead a food-borne GI disorder in Kim v Toothsavers (Sup Queens, Index #91736/09)
  • Obtained ground-breaking Decision/ Order on unnecessary/ improper prosthodontics case involving claims of “unlicensed treatment” by dental techs in Solis v Winegarten, et al (Sup NY Co., Index #800294/11, 1/24/14)