Dawn Adelson and Christina Kaouris Lecture The New York Breast Imaging Society

March 1, 2017

On January 12, 2017, Dawn Adelson and Christina Kaouris gave a presentation to The New York Breast Imaging Society (NYBIS) held in the auditorium of the Mount Sinai Medical School. NYBIS is an organization which is comprised of radiologists, residents, technicians and nurses who have an interest in or practice related to breast imaging. The attendees received CME credit for the Lecture. Ms. Adelson and Ms. Kaouris were the first non-physician speakers NYBIS ever hosted.

The lecture and power point presentation was titled A Breast Imaging Lawsuit: The Mechanics and Current Trends and addressed the anatomy of a medical malpractice lawsuit. Ms. Adelson discussed risk management considerations and responded to physicians most frequently asked questions about litigation practice in medical malpractice cases. This was followed by a discussion lead by Ms. Kaouris focused on data related to breast cancer litigation and which discussed fact patterns related medical malpractice claims against breast imagers in order to encourage risk management awareness. See