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Ed Dondes obtains defendant’s verdict

February 12, 2020

We represented a nephrology group who staffed a dialysis center and the medical director of the dialysis center/group. Plaintiff was a 47 year old, married, father of one, with end stage renal disease on dialysis for over 25 years. He came in with evidence of an infection at his access site, complaining of fevers and … Read more

Sandy Gold obtains defense verdict on behalf of an anesthesiologist

February 6, 2020

Sandy Gold represented an anesthesiologist in a claim alleging failure to properly secure a morbidly obese patient to the operating table during a 9+ hour thyroidectomy. Our doctor worked with a team of other medical professionals to make an appropriate determination as to how to safely secure the patient to the operating table. Over halfway … Read more

Dawn Adelson Obtains Defense verdict

December 5, 2019

On December 5, 2019, trial partner Dawn Adelson, Esq. achieved a defense verdict in Supreme Court, Queens County on behalf of our client, a radiologist, and his hospital radiology group. The now 72 year-old female plaintiff, with a smoking history and a history of pulmonary nodules, alleged that our client failed to properly interpret a … Read more

Ed Dondes Obtains Defense Verdict

October 30, 2019

NY county case – We represented an internist in a claim alleging failure to timely diagnose a meningioma. Plaintiff presented with complaints of daily headaches for 2 months with nausea, an episode of vomiting and blurred vision. Our doctor performed an evaluation and diagnosed her with a chronic daily headache. He prescribed a medication and … Read more

Yanique Burke Obtained Summary Judgment on Behalf of Doctors and Hospital in Wrongful Death Action

June 28, 2018

Ms. Burke represented an orthopedic surgeon, a critical care physician, a palliative care physician, and a hospital in a wrongful death action. The plaintiff claimed, among other things, that the elderly emergency admit decedent was improperly cleared for hip surgery by the codefendant cardiologist, and that the surgery was improperly performed by the orthopedist. Further, … Read more

Ed Dondes Obtains Trial Verdict in Negligence Action for Homeowners

June 28, 2018

Mr. Dondes represented a married couple who owned a home in Franklin Square, LI. Plaintiff alleged she tripped and fell on a rock on the sidewalk in front of their home and injured her shoulder for which she underwent two surgeries. Plaintiff claimed the rock came from a rock garden on their property adjacent to … Read more

Gordon & Silber Obtains Summary Judgment on Behalf of Anesthesiologists and Hospital in Claim of Negligent Intubation

June 11, 2018

Ms. Papacoastas represented a board certified anesthesiologist, a cardiac anesthesiology fellow and the hospital in a claim of negligence in intubating the plaintiff that allegedly resulted in serious tongue lacerations.  She moved for Summary Judgment on behalf of all defendants supported by an expert affirmation of a renowned board-certified otolaryngologist arguing that the medical records … Read more

Charles Weitman Successfully Vacates Client’s Default

April 4, 2018

G&S recently represented a client who was sued by a tenant who broke her wrist in a slip and fall due to snow/ice in the driveway despite having been sued five years earlier by the same tenant and same attorney for the same injury, due to the same condition (snow and ice) in the same location!  Our client believing that … Read more

Ed Dondes Obtains Trial Verdict on behalf of Surgeon in Bronx County Medical Malpractice Action

January 12, 2018

Plaintiff claimed that our client failed to order imaging a few days post procedure despite increased drainage and decreased appetite.  That he failed to note abnormal blood test results, abnormal imaging tests and failed to order repeat imaging following stent placement. Plaintiff’s expert testified this allowed the bile to spread causing permanent nerve damage to her … Read more

Sandy Gold Obtains Trial Verdict on Behalf of Ophthalmologist

January 10, 2018

Plaintiff underwent surgical removal of a cataract that was impairing his vision when he suffered a complication of the surgery, prolapse of the iris, which is when the iris migrates through the incision that allowed the removal of the cataract.  When the iris could not be fully reset our client removed a portion of the iris … Read more

Arthur Cohen Obtains Defense Verdict in Medical Malpractice Action for Hospital

January 10, 2018

Plaintiff brought a medical malpractice action against his back surgeon and the hospital where his back surgery was performed claiming he was not a proper candidate for the surgery (plaintiff was morbidly obese) as well as negligence in its performance from misplaced pedicle screws and the failure to recognize post-operative cauda equine syndrome, which left … Read more

Patrick Mevs Obtains Dismissal of Claim Based on Defective Service of Process

August 3, 2017

This was a claim for medical malpractice for the alleged improper performance of a cosmetic breast augmentation procedure (breast lift). We moved to dismiss the complaint based on plaintiff’s counsel failure to properly effectuate service on our client physician. Although the trial court refused to grant our motion and granted the plaintiff additional time to … Read more

Lawrence Wasserman and Russell Porter Obtain Rare Forum Non Conveniens Dismissal in New Jersey Asbestos Case

January 13, 2017

Lawrence S. Wasserman and Russell L. Porter recently obtained a dismissal of a cosmetic-talc related asbestos case in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Middlesex County. We are unaware of any other similar motions which have obtained a similar dismissal in the venue. The case, Bell v. American International Industries, et. al., Docket Number: MID-L-6527-15AS, … Read more

Steven Mutz Obtains Directed Verdict for Dental Group for Claimed Negligent Replacement

January 12, 2017

In this case for dental malpractice our client was alleged to have negligently replaced a lower right bridge with an ill-fitting lower right bridge, with unnecessary preparation of the tooth, restoration and implant costs, pain and suffering. Plaintiff claimed that the co-defendant dentists implemented a negligent treatment plan and failed to obtain his informed consent. … Read more

Ed Dondes Obtains Defense Verdict for OBGYN Clients

January 10, 2017

A pregnant woman close to full term came to the emergency room for the third time in a week with complaints of headache. While in the ER she had what was believed to be a seizure. Our doctors were called in and treated her under the presumption that she had eclampsia, a life threatening condition … Read more

Edward Dondes Obtains Trial Verdict in favor of Hospital and Electrophysiologist

November 30, 2016

We represented a hospital and an electrophysiologist who was seen by the plaintiff for a consultation on his atrial fibrillation. Our client recommended a procedure known as cardiac ablation after the plaintiff expressed a reluctance to go on lifetime medication for the condition. The plaintiff tolerated the procedure without any complications, however, a 1 month … Read more

Steven Mutz Obtains Defense Verdict For Dental Group Regarding Placing Dental Implants in The Sinus, Resulting in Sinus Pain, Swelling and Infection

August 22, 2016

Type of Case: Dental Malpractice. Alleged negligent placement of dental implants into her sinuses resulting in sinus pain, swelling and infection. Venue: New York Supreme Court, New York County Background Facts: In this dental malpractice action, plaintiff claimed lack of informed consent, negligent placement of dental implants and failure to take a preoperative CT scan … Read more

David Dince Obtains Dismissal of Claims Against Court Appointed Psychiatrist – 2016

July 25, 2016

Plaintiff sued our assured psychiatrist and other defendants asserting civils rights violations in connection with her role in a Family Court neglect proceeding which culminated in his loss of parental custody. Our client was appointed by the court to perform a forensic psychiatric evaluation of the plaintiff. Plaintiff asserted claims against our client for violating … Read more

Dawn Adelson’s Cross-Examination of Plaintiff’s Expert Leads to Rare Discontinuance in Middle of Trial, in a Claim Against an Eye Surgeon

March 24, 2016

Plaintiff, a 72 year old physician, underwent left-eye cataract surgery performed by our client. Plaintiff’s post-operative course was complicated by intermittent complaints of pain to the eye, blurry vision, inflammation and clouding of the posterior capsule. Our client treated plaintiff with a course of steroids and performed a YAG laser capsulotomy for the opacification seven … Read more

Andrew Kaufman Obtains Dismissal On Behalf Of The New York Yankees And Major League Baseball In Case Featured In The New York Times

January 11, 2016

Plaintiff, the General Counsel and Executive Vice President of a developer of Manhattan real estate, brought suit for serious personal injuries he sustained to his face after he was struck by a foul ball at a game between the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics in 2011. Plaintiff contended that defendants were negligent because … Read more

Arthur Cohen Obtains Verdict in Favor of Hospital and Physician In Claim For Death of Patient After Surgical Placement of a Vena Cava Filter

October 23, 2015

Arthur Cohen Obtains Jury Verdict in Favor of Hospital and Hospital Physician In Medical Malpractice Claim For Death of Patient After Surgical Placement of a Vena Cava Filter. Supreme Court, Westchester County. Decedent, then a 72-year-old, was admitted to our client’s hospital for the treatment of a deep vein thrombosis and expired five days later. … Read more

G&S Obtains Defense Verdict in Tough Eye Case Involving Multiple Surgeries

December 18, 2014

The Plaintiff had undergone cataract surgery performed by our client. One day after the surgery, as well as a week after surgery, plaintiff was evaluated by our client with very poor visual acuity (ability to only “count fingers” at 2 feet). On the third post-operative visit, our client determined that the intra-ocular lens (the artificial … Read more