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Sandy Gold obtains defense verdict on behalf of an anesthesiologist

February 6, 2020

Sandy Gold represented an anesthesiologist in a claim alleging failure to properly secure a morbidly obese patient to the operating table during a 9+ hour thyroidectomy. Our doctor worked with a team of other medical professionals to make an appropriate determination as to how to safely secure the patient to the operating table. Over halfway through the surgery, the plaintiff’s leg shifted so part of it came off the table. Plaintiff alleged that he had nerve damage to his sciatic nerve as a result.

Mr. Gold argued that given the plaintiff’s multiple co-morbidities, including morbid obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, and lymphedema, placing a strap at the plaintiff’s mid-calf would have been too risky for a surgery of this length. He argued that at the time the surgery began the risk of a deep vein thrombosis outweighed the risk of the plaintiff’s leg moving off the table. On cross-examination of the plaintiff’s neurology expert, Mr. Gold probed into what facts the expert based his opinion on and got the expert to agree his opinion was based on nothing found in the record and by the expert’s own admission, his theory could not stand.

The jury returned with a defense verdict.