Automotive Liability

Gordon & Silber has been defending automotive liability cases case since 1979.

  • Equity partner, Lawrence Wasserman is devoted to managing and trying auto cases.
  • G&S manages a high volume auto docket in a cost effective manner.
  • G&S keeps costs in line with potential exposure.
  • Cases are assigned to partners or associates based on the matter’s complexity and exposure.
  • Attorneys have high degree of medical expertise and resources due to firm’s extensive medical malpractice background.
  • The firm retains 3 medically trained paralegals including 2 registered nurses, who provide cost effective medical analysis to challenge cases for failing to satisfy the no-fault threshold.

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Jon Lichtenstein Removes Case To Federal Court And Obtains Summary Judgment On The Grounds Of No Serious Injury.
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Here, we established that a herniated disc was not a serious injury under the New York no fault law. The First Department found that plaintiff’s expert’s submission failed to establish causation between the injury (herniated disc, lost range of motion) and the accident. Notably, the Court characterized the other diagnostic findings of plaintiff’s expert to be “conclusory” and “tailored to meet statutory requirements”. The Court also found a failure of objective evidence with regard to either the extent, duration or degree of plaintiff’s physical limitations.