Property Damage – Subrogation Group

The firm specializes in the defense of subrogation- property damage claims resulting from fire, flooding and other catastrophic events caused by the allegedly negligence of our professional clients.

In an area where most firms cut quick settlements to dispense with such claims, G&S challenges plaintiff carriers and their attorneys to demonstrate with convincing scientific evidence that the our clients caused the loss and equally as important, that they can demonstrate the amounts for items paid to their insureds were casually related to the alleged negligence and were reasonable and adequately documented. G&S will also seek liberally utilize the defense of spoliation where our insureds/carriers were not provided with equal and reasonable access to the location to do our own investigation. G&S will not hesitate to hire experts in the appropriate field to challenge causation.

Finally, G&S will make sure that any settlement offers take into account all applicable depreciation adjustments and will be appropriately discounted depending on the costs of litigation and the likelihood of an ultimate defense verdict.